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We are a custom ecommerce service for small and midsize businesses and individuals that want to increase leads and sales online of goods and services. We target groups socially, using available online tools to increase productivity and marketing, speeding up the process of moving inventory off your shelves and earning you more revenue progressively.

ecommerce for newspapers

Zoom Village operates community stores for ecommerce. It may partner with eSellerSocial to provide an ecommerce marketing and lead generation addon or special offer.

Slanted Mag announced today that it will begin using the eSellerSocial service to promote its Slanted Mag Store and Slanted Mag Swag as well as the community store for its sister publication, the Mankato Gazette, a Mankato newspaper. Slanted Mag is beginning to list electronics, software, music and other retail goods on its website from retailers globally.

“The eSellerSocial service will help complement the ecommerce features already existing and expanding for our magazine and store platform,” said Rob Lawson, publisher of Slanted Magazine Southern Minnesota Arts & Culture and “Anything to help boost sales from our affiliates, which helps support our content publishing platforms, will help us gain more revenue to publish more important local stories. It will also help us enable local businesses to reach our demographics on the magazine as well as the newspaper.

Zoom Village will also begin using the service, according to Lawson. It will be a custom add-on to the recently acquired CMS for publishers business.

Slanted Mag and Zoom Village to Begin Using eSellerSocial Upon Coming Launch

Sports and Outdoors Gear retailer

Sports and Outdoors Gear retailer uses the eSellerSocial platform to drive more web traffic. It works well and people visit us more often.

eSellerSocial helps this sports and outdoors ecommerce retailer drive more web traffic to get better leads for products that people already have an intent to purchase. Social commerce tools like eSellerSocial can improve sales, referrals, marketing, remarketing and social media presence, drawing more traffic to your store. See how SportsGearOutdoors used eSellerSocial to improve their traffic stream.

The SportsGearOutdoors site needed a way to get more web traffic organically early on without spending a huge investment on experimenting with Google AdWords or other Display ad services. In addition to targeted print catalog mailing and social media advertising, SportsGearOutdoors implemented the eSellerSocial group marketing platform that leverages social networks and peer-to-peer communication to push interested buyers their direction.

When interested buyers contact the eSellerSocial marketing rep, they are directed to buy the item at the store location or domain. Many customers found for the first time after the company used this method.