Virtual Lead Generation and Sales Team for Your Business

Esellersocial provides your business with a virtual sales team and lead generation service. We refer to ourselves as an ecommerce for local brick-and-mortar service. Those are the two best ways to describe this platform. You get a complete solution starting at $100/month that puts customers looking for, or discovering, items online that you carry in your local business into your location looking to make a specific buy on one or more of your products. We help broker the deal between the potential customer and your business, sending them in your direction with an agenda to make a purchase.

Our Sales Agents are Trusted in Their Community

Our system works so well because our community managers (your virtual sales agents and lead generators) are actual people that engage with other users on popular sites and social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Craigslist, YouTube, Blogger, WordPress, Zoom Village, Google+ and many others. Community managers conduct business by region, so check with us to see if your region is available. All marketing and lead generation is conducted locally, based on interest, intent and other key metrics.

Tracking and Reports

You will be able to work with your eSellerSocial community manager sales rep on metrics and other data to continue to improve sales and generate more leads to your business. You can share information about products including descriptions, specs, condition, images/photos, video and more. Your rep will also manage information about customers for you to use in retargeting and other marketing efforts.

Convert Leads Online Into Sales on the Spot

Our social ecommerce for local brick-and-mortar is unique. It allows your business to finally harness the true potential of SEO, social media and ecommerce to convert an interested group of consumers online into active shoppers at your location. Just imagine that you have a virtual sales support team out there on the web actively recruiting your potential customers by introducing them directly to your products until they locate those that are willing to make the purchase directly. See the bottom middle portion of our website for the full list of the types of businesses we can provide our service to.

Works for Service Based Industries Too

Esellersocial reps are not limited to selling products. Services can be sold with the platform as well. As a lead generation and sales platform, Esellersocial can link up customers looking for professional services from your company.

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