Retail Store Marketing with Social Media Using eSellerSocial Platform


Local businesses have a great opportunity right now despite what many people might be telling you about how ecommerce and the Internet are killing retail. Wrong. It is killing certain kinds of retail, yes. But small businesses lack the overhead costs of big department stores like Sears, Kmart, JC Penny, Herbergers and others that are closing brick-and-mortar stores nationwide. Amazon is actually investing in retail locations like Whole Foods and plans to change the way stores process payments and interact with customers. Even eBay is looking to partner up with small businesses. Goodwill seems to be thriving along with other thrift stores in spite of Craigslist free classified ads, Facebook For Sale Groups (Marketplace) and the LetGo app. Main Street is still in fashion, too. Let’s take a look at the opportunities in front of us for a moment.

Using the Internet to Bolster Foot Traffic, Reputation, Destination Marketing and Loyalty

People still value an experience and shopping is an experience. They also value sensation. The Internet can do a lot of things, but it can’t entice, inspire intrigue or access the imagination or impulse to purchase on an emotional level the way an in-person experience can with tangible, touchable products. This is why Apple Stores continue to open, Best Buy is still in business and dollar stores are competing with Walmarts. Experience is everything. So how do we harness the Internet to our advantage, more specifically, using social media and other sharing or posting tools? If you don’t have time to figure out how to do it efficiently, how can you find someone to manage it for you affordably?

The eSellerSocial platform uses the power of social media as an ecommerce tool to drive foot traffic to your business. With a network of social media users, app users and classifieds posters, you can effectively and affordably get your items posted with responses from reputable social media accounts. The exchange of messages use customer service oriented communication techniques along with calls to action to drive more customers to your business. This method can also be used for small online businesses that sell products to consumers. Goods can be new or used. The eSellerSocial platform works with reseller partners who assist you in creating a customer account with managed services. It is like having social media on auto pilot.

This method will also help you build a loyal following and reputation in the social media community if you do not have a large presence there. You can generate more reviews on social media and even generate content that is useful to your website’s SEO score. Making use of classifieds and directories online will help you build your brand and business as a local destination for visitors and residents alike.

Saving Money on Labor for Social Media Employees or Agencies

Social media marketing can cost a great deal of money whether you are hiring yourself in-house, working with a staffing agency, contractor, consultant or advertising and marketing agency. A platform like eSellerSocial can use the principles in social crowdsourcing inherent in the eSellerSocial reseller partnerships we maintain to actively engage with potential customers with an intent to buy your products. We send them directly to your store, whether you are a small local shop or a small web based business.

Prepare for Success with eSellerSocial

Some helpful tips include the following:

  • Set up a special location or station, if possible, to photograph items in a professional looking way that mimics ecommerce images online; If not possible to photograph individual items in a dedicated photography space in-store, then use method of photographing to get consistent quality photos for online viewing and sharing with your representative.
  • Select only the best items or collection/group of items from your inventory to target quality traffic and make efficient use of your budget
  • Prepare to rotate your selection of items and images each month
  • Keep a log of items
  • Keep an organized way of storing images, product SKUs/descriptions, etc. Spreadsheets with links to photos are acceptable; Google Drive or Dropbox is recommended (you can share access and collaborate easier with your rep). Otherwise keep them on a drive or computer, tablet, phone or home cloud storage device. Keep it organized!

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