Esellersocial began as a more efficient way to drive more sales to businesses using a variety of online tools like social media, web directories, blogs and applications. We started the platform by selling used vehicles for a mechanic and used car dealership in Mankato, MN. Esellersocial can drive leads and sales for any type of small business in your community. We DO NOT work with big box stores or large corporate enterprises. We are specifically set up to work with local shopping and retail such as used car sales, salvage auto/used auto parts, thrift stores, handmade goods, arts/crafts, collectible items, toy stores, electronics and computers stores and other local businesses. We work with businesses by region. We started in Minnesota, which is where we are based. We can develop custom strategies for ecommerce for your small business. Don’t take a chance on Ebay and waste time and money on seller fees, shipping, all the waiting around for confirmations, etc. Use our service to drive local customers from a 100-150-mile radius to your business to generate more immediate sales and clear out your inventory.

Call Lawson Media & Publishing to setup your eSellerSocial or ResellerSocial account at 612-460-5851.