Buy a Semi Trailer Online Here

If you live in the USA and are looking for a place online that provides semi trailers for sale online, then try Star Trailer Sales. This company is located in Minnesota but is a nationally authorized dealer for several major North American semi trailer manufacturers.

Shop Semi Trailer Brands

One very important tool on the Star Trailer Sales website is the inventory page. From this page, you can make a lot of selections to filter the results of your product search. For instance, you can search by manufacturer or brand. Select that filter at the top of the page and your results will narrow to your criteria selection. See the Star Trailer Sales homepage at the bottom to view the available brand partners for new semi trailers (helpful for fleets and large enterprise organizations). These brands are some of the most recognizable names in North American trucking, hauling, construction and agriculture.

New and Used Semi Trailers for Sale Online

The inventory selection can be modified by condition as well. Simply choose new or used from the dropdown to find one or the other for sale in stock. You can make offers on used inventory and find more brands that are pre-owned. We offer financing and leasing options for both through our financial partners. You can also find semi trailer parts online here. Click the parts link. Additionally available is semi trailer rental MN and maintenance if you live in Minnesota only. Buy semi trailers online from anywhere.

Semi Trailers for Sale on Facebook Marketplace

Find a semi trailer for sale on Facebook too. This is one of their new sales channels and they respond quick to customer inquiries. They consult with customers anywhere in the USA personally via phone, email or Messenger on Facebook/Instagram. Follow their social media pages to keep updated on new inventory changes. See previous customer purchases as well. Follow their blog too. They provide a lot of helpful posts for prospective customers and fleets.

earn free cryptocurrency using coinbase

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How to Pay LMP with Cryptocurrency for Content

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  • Tezos
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facebook marketplace delivery and pickup solution

Route Relief Company Adds Marketplace eCommerce to Delivery Options

facebook marketplace delivery and pickup solution

The Route Relief Company announced plans to use Shopify, Facebook Marketplace and possibly eSellerSocial to expand offerings for buyers/sellers during the COVID-19 crisis in Minnesota.

The Route Relief Company, a business that provides both last mile delivery and route relief for bread, tortilla, snack, chip, cookie, coffee, jerky, DSD, shopper and vending routes for independent operators, is now experimenting with eCommerce and marketplace solutions to expand their offerings. The company plans to start delivering items from sellers to buyers, starting on the Facebook Marketplace platform in Minnesota. Either buyers or sellers can pay for the pickup and delivery of listed items on Marketplace. Payment for items must be worked out between buyers/sellers.

The move came from an idea sparked in a brainstorming session during the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic that has shuttered many brick and mortar retail businesses in the United States and globally. The company appears to be leveraging to advantages of ecommerce giant Shopify with their online store, payment processing and buy button option on their website. The site was built, copywritten and optimized for social media and SEO by Lawson Media & Publishing (LMP), who is a Shopify partner and operator of eSellerSocial.  The platform used to build the website was provided by Augabout Consulting with domain and hosting from Augabout Domains.

Contactless Shopping via Facebook Marketplace

The Route Relief Company has some experience delivering and merchandising on the commercial side with big box and grocery store destinations as well as Amazon and FedEx Ground package delivery help. They already offer their service to courier and moving companies and now have set their sites on ecommerce, mobile commerce and social media marketplace solutions. Craigslist and LetGo! app are also attractive target markets for the Route Relief Company in Southern Minnesota and the Twin Cities. Now many buyers and sellers on Facebook Marketplace can connect without physically connecting, mimicking the Amazon, or other ecommerce shopping and delivery experience but locally. As many consumers and local small businesses deal with the effects of the lockdowns, this option may be attractive, convenient and practical as well.

Payments can be made simply by visiting on your mobile device or computer and locating the marketplace pickup & delivery option that suits your needs, then click or tap to purchase the service. The site accepts major credit cards, BitCoin payments (equivalent to cash value in USD) via BitPay and PayPal. Facebook also makes payments between buyers and sellers easy and the Route Relief Company plans to assemble a tutorial on that aspect to help their customers quickly navigate payments between all parties and allow for more payment democratization by allowing buyers/sellers to choose who pays for shipping or agree to split the difference.

Marketplace for Brick and Mortar and Online Retail

The Route Relief Company offers its services to any buyer or seller online. However, they are considering partnering with eSellerSocial to help more brick-and-mortar businesses transition to some digital strategies for both marketing products and shipping them on a local basis using professional ecommerce, social media and delivery solutions. Businesses can use eSellerSocial to market individual products on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, LetGo! app or other social media network and have their product delivered using the Route Relief Company. The eSellerSocial resellers can act as local reps for these businesses and earn up to 75 percent commission each month for every account they manage. A local rep uses social media marketplaces to post products and customer service skills by responding to customer messages and coordinating the sale between buyer/seller. Typically the reseller need only direct online or foot traffic to the business, but the pandemic calls for new protocols.

livestock semi trailer for sale

Buy New and Used Semi Trailers USA at Star Trailer Sales in Mankato, MN

If you are searching for “semi trailer near me”, then Star Trailer Sales is a semi trailer dealer near you with an extensive inventory available online. They sell drop deck, end dump, lowboy, live bottom, flatbed, van, reefer, grain/hopper and livestock semi trailers. This includes a full line of agriculture, freight and construction semi trailers in a wide variety of top manufacturing brands across North America. They work closely with manufacturers or sell used inventory such as Arne’s, Benson International, Transcraft, Wabash National, MAC Trailers, Prestige, Felling, Jet Co., Cornhusker 800, EBY, Utility, Reinhouer, Stoughton and others.

Find semi trailers for sale USA in the following states:

Alabama – AL, Arizona – AZ, Arkansas – AR, California – CA, Colorado – CO, Connecticut – CT, Delaware – DE, Florida – FL, Georgia – GA, Idaho – ID, Illinois – IL, Indiana – IN, Iowa – IA, Kansas – KS, Kentucky – KY, Louisiana – LA, Maine – ME, Maryland – MD, Massachusetts – MA, Michigan – MI, Minnesota – MN, Mississippi – MS, Missouri – MO, Montana – MT, Nebraska – NE, Nevada – NV, New Hampshire – NH, New Jersey – NJ, New Mexico – NM, New York – NY, North Carolina – NC, North Dakota – ND, Ohio – OH, Oklahoma – OK, Oregon – OR, Pennsylvania – PA, Rhode Island – RI, South Carolina – SC, South Dakota – SD, Tennessee – TN, Texas – TX, Utah – UT, Vermont – VT, Virginia – VA, Washington – WA, West Virginia – WV, Wisconsin – WI and Wyoming – WY.

New Semi Trailers for Sale

Star Trailer works with logistics firms, local farmers, construction companies, agribusinesses, individual owner-operators, freight delivery companies and others. You can consult with the sales experts at getting a manufactured build ready for production on a schedule that works for your operations. Buy new van semi trailers for freight or logistics. Agriculture trailers include livestock semi trailers and grain/hopper trailers. Flatbed, drop deck, end dump,  live bottom and other construction semi trailers also require some time for ordering.

Used Semi Trailers for Sale

Make an offer on any semi trailer used for sale in the Star Trailer inventory page online. This will allow you to filter for a variety of trailer types, brands and new/used. Used semi trailers for sale include many different brands and types such as those listed above. Product listings are updated frequently. Star Trailer Sales is a family-owned business with more than 40 years of experience spanning three generations. The company is located in Minnesota but does business across the continental United States. Call their sales experts to learn more about the semi trailers you need for your business today.

eCommerce Solutions Offering for Local Businesses During Coronavirus Shutdown

sorry we re closed but still awesome tag

How to close your brick-and-mortar business but stay open online in a virtual local main street to keep your doors open, so to speak… Photo by Tim Mossholder on

MANKATO/MINNEAPOLIS-ST. PAUL/ROCHESTER, MN — Lawson Media and Publishing in Southern Minnesota is offering several solutions for ecommerce to local retail businesses suffering from the Coronavirus shutdown. This includes the social media powered ecommerce solution, eSellerSocial and partnerships with Shopify and Augabout Consulting. LMP also partners with some companies to enhance search rank and SEO backlinks. The retail and restaurant industry are in serious need of help with local service and product delivery solutions with ecommerce in the middle to link customer and local business.

eSellerSocial plans

Right now is a great time to try, a social media marketplace powered solution to help drive more sales to your business. Since many folks are staying home, your business could utilize the platform by sending the traffic to your website instead. Or, if you don’t have an ecommerce website and are afraid of not being able to fulfill orders via telephone, LMP  can build your ecommerce site with quick turnaround time. You will get a site with customized template for your company, any needed apps or integrations and a fully functional site to manage product inventory, sales reports and much more. Combine this with eSellerSocialfor your business coronavirus survival package.

Shopify Website and SEO from LMP


LMP offers both SEO and ecommerce website solutions under one roof for local businesses in Mankato, Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul), Rochester, Southern Minnesota and other businesses in the United States, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland and Scotland. The coronavirus pandemic is worldwide and we are here to help as many small businesses we can. Hard hit by the stay-at-home and work-from-home policies are the following types of businesses that can use ecommerce solutions (integrates with payment providers and POS):

  • Retail shops
  • Local fitness gyms
  • Events
  • Outlet stores
  • Clothing/shoes/apparel, hardware, computers/electronics, consumer products
  • Thrift stores
  • PC/phone repair
  • Pawn and used products sales (must comply with local laws)
  • Outdoors and garden
  • Sports and athletics shops
  • Antiques and collectibles
  • Real estate


LMP provides copywriting, blogging, backlinks and other SEO solutions for small businesses, non-profits and other organizations. LMP also offers basic ecommerce product description writing and web page writing optimized for SEO and social media. Get better search rank for your website and ecommerce.

Local Restaurants

LMP is working with Augabout Consulting on providing the right marketing, design and technology under one roof to provide your business more access to customers during the coronavirus. Right now, many restaurants can quickly regroup to offer their customers a dine-out solution: takeout and delivery. Get POS self-serve ordering kiosks on location if you’re thinking long-term or just opt for a simple online ordering solution or even simpler, an online menu with call functions or ecommerce orders.

Payment Processing

Process payments online via PayPal, Shopify payments, PayWhirl or a number of other payment systems. Process BitCoin payments with Bitpay. Process Android or Apple payments. Generate and redeem custom coupons for your store. Get a POS system for your business that is integrated with ecommerce to process credit and debit cards online. Set up your own marketplace or sell with escrow. Integrate a wide variety of apps for payments or for other customization to your ecommerce website. Sell or promote your products with integrations like eBay, Facebook, Amazon, Etsy and more. Call Rob Lawson at Lawson Media & Publishing at 612-4600-5851 to get started.

Mankato, MN: Buy Semi Trailers New or Used

Buying new equipment for your business is mandatory if you plan to grow and expand or even keep your operations going. Farmers, agribusinesses, logistics/delivery companies and construction operations can find new and used trailers for sale in Mankato, MN at Star Trailer Sales. This company has everything to offer companies using semi trailers, including parts and service. Their expertise in the industry spans 40 years and at least three generations. Find out how to buy semi trailers by type, brand and industry. Continue reading to learn more.

Buy Semi Trailers by Brand

Find the highest quality brands and manufacturers at Star including MAC, EBY, Felling, Stoughton, Transcraft, Arne’s, Barrett, Benson International, Cornhusker 800, Prestige and Jet Co. These are the names of the manufacturing partners and brands of semi trailers that this company has partnered with. You can find a variety of different parts and service for these products as well. Just call the pros at Star.

Find New and Used inventory

Get your semi trailer new from Star or search their inventory for a used trailer for sale in MN. Ordering a new trailer often requires setting up an account at Star Trailer Sales, Inc. and starting your order. You may need to start your new order months ahead of time to give manufacturers some production time. This will keep your order on schedule for production so you can use your new equipment by start of a new job, fleet or project.

Get Semi Trailers by type

You can find a variety of these products by type and category online. These are some of the types of products Star Trailer Sales, Inc. in Mankato, MN sells to its customers currently.

  • Drop deck trailers
  • Flatbed trailers
  • Van trailers
  • Live bottom trailers
  • Livestock trailers
  • Grain/hopper trailers
  • End dump trailers
  • Lowboy trailers

Call and consult with the experts at this business to learn more about ordering any one of these types of trailers in MN. The company also serves business in the Midwest and other parts of the United States. Go to their website and order your semi trailer early.

Industries served by Star Trailer

This company serves businesses across a wide variety of industries. They have good reviews on Google and Facebook and maintain a presence on other online platforms. This helps them understand and stay in touch with customers in these industries who need semi trailers, parts and service. These industries include farming, agriculture/agribusiness, ranching, construction, building, heavy equipment hauling, automotive hauling (car hauling), delivery and logistics.

minneapolis limousines

Take a Holiday Lights Limo Tour in Minneapolis for 2018 Season

minneapolis limos

Renee’s Limousines

Minneapolis is a fantastic city. It is located within the beautiful Twin Cities metro area and includes St. Paul and a variety of sprawling suburbs. Minnesota is beautiful during the winter time and the holidays are a great time to take a Christmas lights tour in a luxurious Minneapolis limousine provided by Renee’s Limousines, an award winning transportation provider in the city.

The company has been offering a special holiday lights package for many years. They also offer many other types of interesting tours, such as their brewery and wine tours. They also have gangster tours and other fun events. They have been providing tours in the Twin Cities area for many years with limos, coaches, trolleys and limo coaches within their custom fleet of vehicles.

The holiday lights tour is a popular service for Renee’s Limousines in Minneapolis. The company has dedicated drivers and a professional staff that is known locally for their exceptional customer service and niche for providing memorable experiences through transportation.

Take a holiday lights tour in the Twin Cities in a Hummer or Lincoln SUV limo or the traditional passenger car stretch limo. All have onboard entertainment and many comforts. Take a group in a coach bus to look at all the decorated structures in the Twin Cities for the holidays.

Read their company blog or view their website to learn more about the tour packages available in the Minneapolis and St. Paul metropolitan area of Minnesota for the winter holidays. The company has been featured in The Twin Cities Gazette, MN Bride, The Knot and several other publications in the Twin Cities. They have also won many local awards. Their reviews on Google, Yelp, Angie’s List and Facebook speak volumes of their service to the community in the Twin Cities.

Black Friday Deals for CBD Products

CBD products

CTFO CBD Products featured on and

Check out the variety of CBD Products from two specific websites that distribute the CTFO brand of CBD products: CBD4Outdoor and SportsGearOutdoors. Order yours for this Thanksgiving, Christmas or Black Friday!

CBD holiday special

The range of CBD products available online include products for vaping, pets, pain relief, beauty, hair growth, shampoos/conditioners, oils, sprays, gummies, chewables, supplements, anti-aging, sleep support, shakes, drinks and massage creams.

This holiday season is a perfect time to get members of your family, friends or co-workers samples of this product. There are bundle packages that include the entire line as well, so they can decide what products are most useful to them. Also, you can join the distribution network and make some money for the products they purchase in the future after you have made an introduction between them and the product.

CBD black friday

CBD Black Friday Sale

Black Friday is a busy holiday retail event for many retailers. Online retailers also take advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. While you are shopping for CBD products on SportsGearOutdoors, you might also want to check out the other products on the site that are great for gifts. The site carries athletic gear, sports gear and outdoors gear. You can add CBD to your Christmas shopping list for members of your family that need pet products, vaping liquid, CBD oil, beauty care, pain care, sleep aid or hair products.

CBD gifts

CBD for the holidays

Take a look at the current holiday packages for CBD items on CBD4Outdoor and SportsGearOutdoors, who distribute the CTFO brand of products. These are premium products and have several benefits.

Get your CBD stocking stuffers online during this holiday season.

Retail Store Marketing with Social Media Using eSellerSocial Platform


Local businesses have a great opportunity right now despite what many people might be telling you about how ecommerce and the Internet are killing retail. Wrong. It is killing certain kinds of retail, yes. But small businesses lack the overhead costs of big department stores like Sears, Kmart, JC Penny, Herbergers and others that are closing brick-and-mortar stores nationwide. Amazon is actually investing in retail locations like Whole Foods and plans to change the way stores process payments and interact with customers. Even eBay is looking to partner up with small businesses. Goodwill seems to be thriving along with other thrift stores in spite of Craigslist free classified ads, Facebook For Sale Groups (Marketplace) and the LetGo app. Main Street is still in fashion, too. Let’s take a look at the opportunities in front of us for a moment.

Using the Internet to Bolster Foot Traffic, Reputation, Destination Marketing and Loyalty

People still value an experience and shopping is an experience. They also value sensation. The Internet can do a lot of things, but it can’t entice, inspire intrigue or access the imagination or impulse to purchase on an emotional level the way an in-person experience can with tangible, touchable products. This is why Apple Stores continue to open, Best Buy is still in business and dollar stores are competing with Walmarts. Experience is everything. So how do we harness the Internet to our advantage, more specifically, using social media and other sharing or posting tools? If you don’t have time to figure out how to do it efficiently, how can you find someone to manage it for you affordably?

The eSellerSocial platform uses the power of social media as an ecommerce tool to drive foot traffic to your business. With a network of social media users, app users and classifieds posters, you can effectively and affordably get your items posted with responses from reputable social media accounts. The exchange of messages use customer service oriented communication techniques along with calls to action to drive more customers to your business. This method can also be used for small online businesses that sell products to consumers. Goods can be new or used. The eSellerSocial platform works with reseller partners who assist you in creating a customer account with managed services. It is like having social media on auto pilot.

This method will also help you build a loyal following and reputation in the social media community if you do not have a large presence there. You can generate more reviews on social media and even generate content that is useful to your website’s SEO score. Making use of classifieds and directories online will help you build your brand and business as a local destination for visitors and residents alike.

Saving Money on Labor for Social Media Employees or Agencies

Social media marketing can cost a great deal of money whether you are hiring yourself in-house, working with a staffing agency, contractor, consultant or advertising and marketing agency. A platform like eSellerSocial can use the principles in social crowdsourcing inherent in the eSellerSocial reseller partnerships we maintain to actively engage with potential customers with an intent to buy your products. We send them directly to your store, whether you are a small local shop or a small web based business.

Prepare for Success with eSellerSocial

Some helpful tips include the following:

  • Set up a special location or station, if possible, to photograph items in a professional looking way that mimics ecommerce images online; If not possible to photograph individual items in a dedicated photography space in-store, then use method of photographing to get consistent quality photos for online viewing and sharing with your representative.
  • Select only the best items or collection/group of items from your inventory to target quality traffic and make efficient use of your budget
  • Prepare to rotate your selection of items and images each month
  • Keep a log of items
  • Keep an organized way of storing images, product SKUs/descriptions, etc. Spreadsheets with links to photos are acceptable; Google Drive or Dropbox is recommended (you can share access and collaborate easier with your rep). Otherwise keep them on a drive or computer, tablet, phone or home cloud storage device. Keep it organized!

Food Health and Technology Summit Gather Exceptional Speakers & Food Industry Thought Leaders


The Food, Health and Technology summit uniquely creates opportunities for industry stakeholders (thought leaders, scientists, investors, tech entrepreneurs and consumers) to connect and engage in thought-provoking dialogue on changing consumer demands, latest scientific findings and emerging technology shaping the future of food production and consumption. The annual half day event hosted by FoodNiche Inc. has gathered exceptional speakers to share their insights on strategies that will guide innovating a healthier and sustainable future of food.

Featured Speakers

Session: Microbiome and Personalized Nutrition

Liping Zhao PhD – Professor- Rutgers University

His ground breaking work established that fiber-rich diet promotes healthy microbiota which is instrumental in managing or preventing Type 2 diabetes. Liping Zhao will be a keynote speaker at the FHT summit, sharing his insight on his discovery, great opportunities that entrepreneurs and investors should take advantage of.

Dr. Zhao is a Professor and the Eveleigh-Fenton Chair of Applied Microbiology at Rutgers University. For decades he and his team have focused on developing gut microbiota-targeted intervention with the aim of restoring or improving human health. He has authored/co-authored more than 70 scientific publications as well as book chapters. A global thought leader in the area of microbiome and human health, he has given more than 40 keynote addresses, plenary lectures and presentations around the world. Dr. Zhao is an elected fellow of the American Academy of Microbiology. He serves on several scientific journal editorial boards and holds leadership roles in several scientific societies. He is a member of the Nutritional Advisory Board of Barilla Co. and the scientific advisor of the Perfect Co.

Ranjan Sinha – CEO 3TandAI

Mr. Sinha is the CEO of 3TandAi, a personalized wellness company that is using AI to harness advancements in gut biome, genetics, metabolic markers, Ayurveda and food technology to reverse chronic diseases. He is passionate about “food as medicine” and practiced it successfully to address his life-threatening disorder. Encouraged by doctors and scientist supporters he decided to commercialize his passion. Ranjan has a Master’s degree from The Wharton School and education in engineering and nutrition. He has co-founded and run companies in the areas of large data software, human resources & direct to consumer foods. He is an active blogger and regular speaker at food tech and personalized wellness conferences.

Session: Farm To Fork: Securing the Future of Food

Robin Brumfield, Ph.D

Robin G. Brumfield, Ph.D., is a Professor at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, USA, and has been the Farm Management Extension Specialist at Rutgers since 1988. She is internationally known for her work in horticultural economics and has given over 200 talks in sixteen countries. Dr. Brumfield has a knack for communicating complex material to practitioners, using tools like workbooks and computerized calculators to help farmers make better management decisions. Her Greenhouse Cost Accounting Program is the standard in the greenhouse industry. She wrote the marketing and business management chapters for the best-selling textbook, Greenhouse Operations and Management by Dr. Paul V. Nelson. Dr. Brumfield was named a Fellow of the American Society for Horticultural Science (ASHS) in 2012; this is the highest honor the society bestows.

Dr. Brumfield has been working with the award winning New Jersey Annie’s Project Team as state co-leader since 2011. Annie’s Project helps women farmers develop farm business management and risk management skills. Robin took the Annie’s Project concept to Antalya, Turkey as her sabbatical project in late 2011 where she co-founded Suzanne’s Project. Since then she has extended the program to Germany, Spain, and Malta through an EU funded project called Empowering Women Farmers with Agricultural Business Management Training. She has also trained small-holder women farmers in Nicaragua and Guyana to better manage their businesses.

Session: Investing & Expediting Innovation

Victor Friedberg – Co-founder S2G Ventures

Mr. Friedberg is the Co-founder S2G Ventures. He is also the CEO and co-founder of FoodShot a knowledge and innovation network that will fund ideas and accelerate businesses that are scalable, collaborative, and create an impact. Through an Annual Challenge focused on one key food and agriculture sector per year, FoodShot will select groundbreaking researchers and companies worth investing with the most promise to rapidly catalyze solutions to the global food system — Moonshots for Better Food.

Victor is a frequent speaker and newsmaker who pushes the boundaries of expectation and inspiration with his provoking presentation style. As one of the nation’s preeminent experts on food, existing production/distribution systems, and financing vehicles shaping new innovations in food and agriculture,

Julie Lerner – Angel Investor, 37 Angels

Ms. Lerner is an Angel Investor with 37 Angels, specializing in the food and beverage sector. 37 Angels is a group of 80 female Angel Investors that invests in about 10-12 high potential male and female-led early stage startups each year, filtered from 2000. As Founder of the blog, The Failure Report, Julie interviews successful entrepreneurs and investors about what NOT to do to be successful. The goal of the blog is to provide actionable tips on how to avoid missteps for Founders.

Julie is a graduate of Northwestern University, The French Culinary Institute, and Kedge Business School in France. She had a successful career in sales/business development for radio stations in Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York and later for the New York State Restaurant Association and wine companies.

She co-authored the book Lerner’s Consumer Guide to Health Care, for which she was featured in The New York Times business section as well as a five-part series on NBC’s Today Show with Katie Couric. She founded WineTwoThree, a wine newsletter targeting millennial women, and EatDrinkJobs, an employment platform for the hospitality industry. She has also been featured in Business Insider and was a finalist in Women 2.0.

The event is supported by Zico Water and Honest Tea. For Sponsorship and partnership information please mail:

For detailed event agenda, speaker profile and registration, visit here: