Reseller Program

Social Media has taken the world by storm and created a vast array of business opportunities. We see the potential growth in harnessing the power of online community and leveraging that to help countless businesses in the United States grow and prosper. You can help us do that and be your own boss doing it! All you need is an Internet connection, camera and/or smartphone/tablet with a camera, a positively shining social media account with good reputation among your peers (the more organic followers the better!) and a good personality. You should also have some salesmanship and be able to talk with local business owners in your region. Apply to sell our services to local businesses in your region, if available.

Targeted Local Marketing

We provide companies with a service that generates leads and helps grow their relationships with new customers. If you are a member or are willing to become a member of several online communities, especially For Sale Groups on Facebook, then you can start selling subscriptions of eSellerSocial to local businesses in your area. Sign local businesses up and start earning immediately!

Your Own Marketing and Ecommerce Business

As an eSellerSocial community manager and reseller, you will have an opportunity to run your own ecommerce business. Simply post the items to selected networks, sites, communities and groups and communicate with respondents on behalf of the business and earn monthly revenue from each business that signs up. Continue sending leads to their company and continue earning from each account you service. Pretty simple, right? Wait, there’s more…

We provide the tools, training, tracking and reporting features

After you apply for a reseller account with us, we will begin your orientation. You will receive some documents to sign, some information about the company/service and instructions on how to setup your account and new marketing ecommerce business.

You will get backend access to your own eSellerSocial site (, a tracking form to use with your clients, business plan to help you sell the service and a feedback/reporting form to help you sustain/grow your business by continuing to improve performance for your clients.

Inventory Management

Reselling Your Social Media Skills Using the eSellerSocial Platform

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