This is an example account page. Your biography should go here. Write around 350 words to describe yourself and your assets. This should include the following:

Your First and Last Name and a bit about yourself including your work experience, sales talent, your location/region (city/state) and other important information that identifies you and your personal brand. Make it as appealing as you can and write for your target audience, which are people who will pay you to drive leads and possible sales to their business. Essentially, you are a broker using the eSellerSocial platform to enhance lead generation with social media tactics, strategies, plans and tools provided.

Your Video

Use a video editor to create a one-minute video highlighting your experience, skills, etc. Upload first to YouTube and paste the embed code here. You MUST upload the video to the eSellerSocial official YouTube account. You will be provided a login from eSellerSocial. After first uploading there, you may upload to your personal Twitter, Vine, Instagram or Facebook accounts.

More information about your account:

You will be sent a link to a spreadsheet document template that you will use to track your leads and product information. There are different templates for different types of products. You will need to “Make a Copy” of the template needed for your clients based on their business type(s). You will need this to send reports to your clients.

Tools used:

eSellerSocial will provide instructions on how the lead generation process works. You will receive a free media kit to use to drive sales to your account. This will explain the process further so review it thoroughly to ensure your understand the product you are pitching to your prospective local customers. You will need:

  1. Facebook account
  2. Pinterest or Instagram account
  3. Twitter account
  4. LinkedIn account
  5. Google Plus account
  6. FreelancePoole account