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facebook marketplace delivery and pickup solution

Route Relief Company Adds Marketplace eCommerce to Delivery Options

facebook marketplace delivery and pickup solution

The Route Relief Company announced plans to use Shopify, Facebook Marketplace and possibly eSellerSocial to expand offerings for buyers/sellers during the COVID-19 crisis in Minnesota.

The Route Relief Company, a business that provides both last mile delivery and route relief for bread, tortilla, snack, chip, cookie, coffee, jerky, DSD, shopper and vending routes for independent operators, is now experimenting with eCommerce and marketplace solutions to expand their offerings. The company plans to start delivering items from sellers to buyers, starting on the Facebook Marketplace platform in Minnesota. Either buyers or sellers can pay for the pickup and delivery of listed items on Marketplace. Payment for items must be worked out between buyers/sellers.

The move came from an idea sparked in a brainstorming session during the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic that has shuttered many brick and mortar retail businesses in the United States and globally. The company appears to be leveraging to advantages of ecommerce giant Shopify with their online store, payment processing and buy button option on their website. The site was built, copywritten and optimized for social media and SEO by Lawson Media & Publishing (LMP), who is a Shopify partner and operator of eSellerSocial.  The platform used to build the website was provided by Augabout Consulting with domain and hosting from Augabout Domains.

Contactless Shopping via Facebook Marketplace

The Route Relief Company has some experience delivering and merchandising on the commercial side with big box and grocery store destinations as well as Amazon and FedEx Ground package delivery help. They already offer their service to courier and moving companies and now have set their sites on ecommerce, mobile commerce and social media marketplace solutions. Craigslist and LetGo! app are also attractive target markets for the Route Relief Company in Southern Minnesota and the Twin Cities. Now many buyers and sellers on Facebook Marketplace can connect without physically connecting, mimicking the Amazon, Walmart.com or other ecommerce shopping and delivery experience but locally. As many consumers and local small businesses deal with the effects of the lockdowns, this option may be attractive, convenient and practical as well.

Payments can be made simply by visiting routerelief.company on your mobile device or computer and locating the marketplace pickup & delivery option that suits your needs, then click or tap to purchase the service. The site accepts major credit cards, BitCoin payments (equivalent to cash value in USD) via BitPay and PayPal. Facebook also makes payments between buyers and sellers easy and the Route Relief Company plans to assemble a tutorial on that aspect to help their customers quickly navigate payments between all parties and allow for more payment democratization by allowing buyers/sellers to choose who pays for shipping or agree to split the difference.

Marketplace for Brick and Mortar and Online Retail

The Route Relief Company offers its services to any buyer or seller online. However, they are considering partnering with eSellerSocial to help more brick-and-mortar businesses transition to some digital strategies for both marketing products and shipping them on a local basis using professional ecommerce, social media and delivery solutions. Businesses can use eSellerSocial to market individual products on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, LetGo! app or other social media network and have their product delivered using the Route Relief Company. The eSellerSocial resellers can act as local reps for these businesses and earn up to 75 percent commission each month for every account they manage. A local rep uses social media marketplaces to post products and customer service skills by responding to customer messages and coordinating the sale between buyer/seller. Typically the reseller need only direct online or foot traffic to the business, but the pandemic calls for new protocols.

eCommerce Solutions Offering for Local Businesses During Coronavirus Shutdown

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How to close your brick-and-mortar business but stay open online in a virtual local main street to keep your doors open, so to speak… Photo by Tim Mossholder on Pexels.com

MANKATO/MINNEAPOLIS-ST. PAUL/ROCHESTER, MN — Lawson Media and Publishing in Southern Minnesota is offering several solutions for ecommerce to local retail businesses suffering from the Coronavirus shutdown. This includes the social media powered ecommerce solution, eSellerSocial and partnerships with Shopify and Augabout Consulting. LMP also partners with some companies to enhance search rank and SEO backlinks. The retail and restaurant industry are in serious need of help with local service and product delivery solutions with ecommerce in the middle to link customer and local business.

eSellerSocial plans

Right now is a great time to try eSellerSocial.com, a social media marketplace powered solution to help drive more sales to your business. Since many folks are staying home, your business could utilize the platform by sending the traffic to your website instead. Or, if you don’t have an ecommerce website and are afraid of not being able to fulfill orders via telephone, LMP  can build your ecommerce site with quick turnaround time. You will get a site with customized template for your company, any needed apps or integrations and a fully functional site to manage product inventory, sales reports and much more. Combine this with eSellerSocialfor your business coronavirus survival package.

Shopify Website and SEO from LMP


LMP offers both SEO and ecommerce website solutions under one roof for local businesses in Mankato, Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul), Rochester, Southern Minnesota and other businesses in the United States, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland and Scotland. The coronavirus pandemic is worldwide and we are here to help as many small businesses we can. Hard hit by the stay-at-home and work-from-home policies are the following types of businesses that can use ecommerce solutions (integrates with payment providers and POS):

  • Retail shops
  • Local fitness gyms
  • Events
  • Outlet stores
  • Clothing/shoes/apparel, hardware, computers/electronics, consumer products
  • Thrift stores
  • PC/phone repair
  • Pawn and used products sales (must comply with local laws)
  • Outdoors and garden
  • Sports and athletics shops
  • Antiques and collectibles
  • Real estate


LMP provides copywriting, blogging, backlinks and other SEO solutions for small businesses, non-profits and other organizations. LMP also offers basic ecommerce product description writing and web page writing optimized for SEO and social media. Get better search rank for your website and ecommerce.

Local Restaurants

LMP is working with Augabout Consulting on providing the right marketing, design and technology under one roof to provide your business more access to customers during the coronavirus. Right now, many restaurants can quickly regroup to offer their customers a dine-out solution: takeout and delivery. Get POS self-serve ordering kiosks on location if you’re thinking long-term or just opt for a simple online ordering solution or even simpler, an online menu with call functions or ecommerce orders.

Payment Processing

Process payments online via PayPal, Shopify payments, PayWhirl or a number of other payment systems. Process BitCoin payments with Bitpay. Process Android or Apple payments. Generate and redeem custom coupons for your store. Get a POS system for your business that is integrated with ecommerce to process credit and debit cards online. Set up your own marketplace or sell with escrow. Integrate a wide variety of apps for payments or for other customization to your ecommerce website. Sell or promote your products with integrations like eBay, Facebook, Amazon, Etsy and more. Call Rob Lawson at Lawson Media & Publishing at 612-4600-5851 to get started.

Virtual Lead Generation and Sales Team for Your Business

Esellersocial provides your business with a virtual sales team and lead generation service. We refer to ourselves as an ecommerce for local brick-and-mortar service. Those are the two best ways to describe this platform. You get a complete solution starting at $100/month that puts customers looking for, or discovering, items online that you carry in your local business into your location looking to make a specific buy on one or more of your products. We help broker the deal between the potential customer and your business, sending them in your direction with an agenda to make a purchase.

Our Sales Agents are Trusted in Their Community

Our system works so well because our community managers (your virtual sales agents and lead generators) are actual people that engage with other users on popular sites and social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Craigslist, YouTube, Blogger, WordPress, Zoom Village, Google+ and many others. Community managers conduct business by region, so check with us to see if your region is available. All marketing and lead generation is conducted locally, based on interest, intent and other key metrics.

Tracking and Reports

You will be able to work with your eSellerSocial community manager sales rep on metrics and other data to continue to improve sales and generate more leads to your business. You can share information about products including descriptions, specs, condition, images/photos, video and more. Your rep will also manage information about customers for you to use in retargeting and other marketing efforts.

Convert Leads Online Into Sales on the Spot

Our social ecommerce for local brick-and-mortar is unique. It allows your business to finally harness the true potential of SEO, social media and ecommerce to convert an interested group of consumers online into active shoppers at your location. Just imagine that you have a virtual sales support team out there on the web actively recruiting your potential customers by introducing them directly to your products until they locate those that are willing to make the purchase directly. See the bottom middle portion of our website for the full list of the types of businesses we can provide our service to.

Works for Service Based Industries Too

Esellersocial reps are not limited to selling products. Services can be sold with the platform as well. As a lead generation and sales platform, Esellersocial can link up customers looking for professional services from your company.

Social Media and Ecommerce for Brick and Mortar

Together at last, a nice community trifecta for local businesses using social media (or attempting to) to drive more sales: Social media, ecommerce and brick and mortar. Many businesses are either not paying much attention to social commerce or they are misunderstanding some things about it. But that’s okay. You have a business to run. Our platform consists of expert social sellers using available tools online to move people into your store or facility to make direct purchases, allowing you to continue to retarget, remarket and introduce or reinforce your customer experience and brand awareness to them.