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Check out the variety of CBD Products from two specific websites that distribute the CTFO brand of CBD products: CBD4Outdoor and SportsGearOutdoors. Order yours for this Thanksgiving, Christmas or Black Friday!

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The range of CBD products available online include products for vaping, pets, pain relief, beauty, hair growth, shampoos/conditioners, oils, sprays, gummies, chewables, supplements, anti-aging, sleep support, shakes, drinks and massage creams.

This holiday season is a perfect time to get members of your family, friends or co-workers samples of this product. There are bundle packages that include the entire line as well, so they can decide what products are most useful to them. Also, you can join the distribution network and make some money for the products they purchase in the future after you have made an introduction between them and the product.

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CBD Black Friday Sale

Black Friday is a busy holiday retail event for many retailers. Online retailers also take advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. While you are shopping for CBD products on SportsGearOutdoors, you might also want to check out the other products on the site that are great for gifts. The site carries athletic gear, sports gear and outdoors gear. You can add CBD to your Christmas shopping list for members of your family that need pet products, vaping liquid, CBD oil, beauty care, pain care, sleep aid or hair products.

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CBD for the holidays

Take a look at the current holiday packages for CBD items on CBD4Outdoor and SportsGearOutdoors, who distribute the CTFO brand of products. These are premium products and have several benefits.

Get your CBD stocking stuffers online during this holiday season.

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You can buy sports and outdoors gear at Minnesota based, a premium online retailer of all things sports, outdoors and recreation. The site also sells a variety of indoor sports and recreation gear too as well as sports, recreation and outdoors related toys, games, memorabilia and collectibles.

Outdoor, Camping, Hunting, Survival, Hiking and Fishing

The site is well positioned to provide the best in outdoor, camping, hunting, hiking and fishing gear. Outdoor equipment can include things like tools, climbing gear, backpacks, canoes/kayaks, tents, sleeping bags, cookware, can tines, water bottles, survival gear, water filtration products, knives, bows/arrows, hatchets, machetes, axes, mountain biking gear, lights, boots, parkas, firewood and more. Get all you need to plan a family vacation or outdoors adventure, including a planning consultation service! Find the best resorts to stay and get deals on vacation packages, flights, hotels/resorts and more. Rent the equipment you need or sell your old equipment and upgrade!

Summer/Winter Sports, Extreme Sports, Aquatic, Motorsports and Racing

You can buy any warm or cold weather sports equipment and products at SportsGearOutdoors. This includes baseball, basketball, archery, track and field, skiing, snowboarding, BMX, bike racing, hockey, soccer, football, lacrosse, racquetball, tennis, swimming, diving, snorkeling, scuba diving, water skiing, wake boarding, inline skating, ice skating, rock climbing, zip lining, motocross, car racing, equestrian, surfing, roller derby, skaateboarding, scooter, longboarding and more.

Health, Fitness, Boxing, MMA and Wrestling

Get health products and gear for martial arts, MMA, boxing and wrestling. From gloves, to weights, jump rope to aerobics/yoga, SportsGearOutdoors has what fits your budget and your interests. Check out the huge selection of fitness trackers and devices.

Indoor Sports, Recreation, Toys, Games and Collectibles

SportsGearOutdoors has it all. Sports related collectibles, recreation equipment, toys and games for outdoors and more can all be found on their website. Get indoor sports gear and equipment for bowling, billiards (pool), lawn bowling (boccie ball), pinball, video games, table tennis, tabletop games and more.

Team Gear, Shoes and Apparel

Get everything you need for outdoor, sports and athletic apparel and gear. From pads and helmets to jerseys and your favorite pro team jerseys. Get hats, sunglasses, sports team caps (pro/college), winter and summer clothing, sandals, boots, scarfs, masks, cleats, golf gloves, team gloves, bathing suits, bags, team apparel and swimwear.